Medical information


Medical information

Asonor is developed by some of the leading companies and scientists in the pharmaceutical industry. The goal was to create a product, which would satisfy our customers without compromising the product. In this way we were able to reach the highest level of effect and at the same time make sure that no adverse effects were present.

Preliminary scientific research in England was the background for the very comprehensive clinical studies, which were carried out in the Danish University Hospital (Rigshospitalet). Sound testing, blood pressure measurement and patients own responses showed that 65% either experienced considerably reduced snoring or no snoring at all during the test period.

Of the remaining group Asonor had only little or no effect. However responses from this group showed that the product had helped persons who usually suffered from a dry throat.

Asonor is in our opinion the best and simplest product used on the market. A large number of users are satisfied with the product and only few have stopped using it. On the contrary we have a very high positive consumer feedback

Because of these positive results with our product, we have chosen to focus our information towards ear, nose and throat specialists and GP´s.

Asonor is recommended for patients that experience ordinary to heavy snoring.
These patients often suffer from tiredness during daytime and/or a dry mucous membrane and high blood pressure.

The patient is typically a male over 35 years of age. In addition to this we experience that more and more women suffer from snoring.

Asonor is the alternative to laser treatment and sleeping with devices which are used in the mouth or nose at night time. Many of our Asonor users have complained that these devices are uncomfortable.
In addition to this, there is a certain risk that laser treatment will cause some side effects which cannot be treated.

The rapport which is written by Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen) can be downloaded in PDF-format here

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